Building Websites

    Like many people I have been thinking of setting up a website for a long time.   My photographs need a permanent showcase rather than the odd exhibitions I have had over the years.  Well, now I have finally made a start.

Domain Host

    It is not easy choosing a webhost amonst the hundreds available.  Early in 2001,  I was recommended One&One (link is at the top of the page), and I used them to organise my society website,   Happy with their service, I have used them to set up this website.  I am using the One&One Home package, which in the UK costs, 4.99 per month.  Add VAT to all these prices. This is the cost for the Website hosting.  In addition you have to search for a suitable domain name, then register it.  For the domain registration (and renewal every year) the fee is 8.99.  This is the price for .COM or .ORG domains.   The annual cost for or is 2.99. 

    With the Home package, we can host more than one website, upto the total size limit of 100 Mb.  That is quite a lot.  My science website is, and the good people at One&One allow me to host it in the same Home package, with no extra charge.   (Sarcomeres found in muscle is what I do my research on, using microscopes and cryo-electron microscopes.)


    I have used Microsoft FrontPage to create this website. 

    I have no hesitation in recommending One&One if you are looking for a Webhost.