Standard IVA at Racecourse Primary School, Nairobi, 1961.

Class teacher: Mr. K.P. Shah

Here's an attempt at the names, please help me out if you recognise others or if I have made a mistake.  Thanks to Ajay (Ala Singh) for identifying Murji and for updates on the girls: Adarsh lives in Bexley, Aruna in Manchester and Sushma in Nairobi.  Known contacts are underlined:

From left, top row: Rajender Sharma, Harish BR, Vinod Sabharwal, Dhanraj, Deepak Bedi, Parveen Menon, Iqbal Burhan, Mr. K.P. Shah

Middle row, standing with school blazers: Ajay Mahendru (Ala Singh), Sunil Ahluwalia, Kamal Bowry, Mahendra Patel, Parveen Kapila.  Between Ala and Sunil, Bhupinder Sidhu. Between Sunil and Kamal, Upkar Singh. Between Mahendra and Parveen, Dhirajlal Shah.

Those above the blazers row: (Specs)?, Krishen Lal Sharma, Kamaljit Singh, Anand Prakash Grover, Harish Maini, Fateh Ali, Naval Kapoor, Pradeep Luther, Nahar Singh, Vipin Shah, Murji

Boys kneeling: Ravi Sharma, Deshdeep, Raichand Desaur, Behal, ?, Prakash Shah, Mukesh Shah

Girls, front row, Adarsh Bala, Aruna Thapen, Shushma

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Let's meet them today!

Reunion at Pappadum's on 21st Sept 2008

From left: Pradeep Luther, Bhupinder Sidhu, Ajay Mahindru (Ala Singh), Ramesh Rajput, Rai Desaur, Raj Sharma, Sunil Ahluwalia, Harish Maini

Anand Grover and Deepak Bedi in New York, 2008.

Satwinder Sadhal, Mukesh's Begum, Mukesh's Mum and Mukesh Shah, February 2008

I was in LA attending the Annual Biophysical Society meeting and visited Mukesh after the congress.  Mukesh is a doctor specialising in intensive-care.  Sati is Professor in Engineering in UCLA.  Mukli's recent enviable achievements are successful climbs of Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya (Lenana peak).

Ravi and Meera Sharma; Neerja and Pradeep.  At Ravi and Meera's beautiful house in Nairobi. April 2009.

Ravi is a popular GP in Nairobi with a fluourishing practice in Nairobi and Ruiru.  He is an active tennis and golf player.