Picnic at Richmond Park, June 9th 2002


The last gathering of our group was the Richmond Park picnic on June 9th 2002. 

*** We had  a wonderful picnic!  We parked ourseleves under a huge umbrella of a tree.  Then we had a great picnic, despite the rain and thunder and sunshine.  ***

Present with their families were: Manga Patel, Bharat Aggarwal, Gurdeep Singh Bahra, Hitesh Mehta, Jagdish Tolia, Piyush Shah, Praful Shah, Rai Desaur, Rajni Shah, Ranjna Morjaria, Shashi Aggarwal, Vinod Sabharwal,  Anil Lakhani & Pradeep Luther.

Photos from the picnic : Everyone (79Kb), Jamhurians/Eastlians (110Kb)***