The Scout Troop, Eastleigh Seconday School, 1965.

This must have been taken after we won some trophy (=see below=)

Seated from left: Harjagraj Singh --May his soul rest in peace--,

Ishwar Teji, Mr Shant, Mr. Brigg, Pradeep Luther, Harbajan Singh

Standing: Naran Dass --May his soul rest in peace--,

Gurcharan Singh, Deepak Bedi, Shiv

Thanks to Ishwar for adding the following:

Thanks to Jaji and Paji we won the best patrol in East Africa trophy.(I as a patrol leader won the best scout in East Africa award )  The competition was at Rowallan Park.  There were scout patrols from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.   We and Dr Robero School scouts represented Kenya.  Prior to this we had to compete in Nairobi finals followed by regional finals and then National finals.  We won all the competitions.  Do you remember we won a big trophy designed as a map of Africa and scout uniforms and leather shoes with scout emblem embossed on them.  In between we won all the cooking, first aid and other competions, 1965 was a great year .....(.and the best year of my life )....virtually every Monday morning we were getting trophies presented to us by Mr Jones. I hope that brings back few memories.